Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus 40w 2x10" Guitar Amp


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Are you a fan of gear that has a little history to it? Perhaps you are not a musician who is in to collecting vintage gear but loves it when manufactures reissue a classic. Well Roland has obliged offering a line of Jazz Chorus amps based off the original JC-120.  If you you've ever been scrolling through the presets on Line 6 Pod or Boss GT multi-effects pedal and stumbled into a JC-Clean or a Dimensional Space Chorus then you've heard the impact these amps have had on creating classic tones, of course those processors don't do it justice compared to having the real thing.  

Introducing the Roland Jazz Chorus 40. The JC-40 is a more portable friendly option compared to it's biggest brother but still offers the essential features. The combo amp provides 40 watts of solid state power and houses two 10" speaker, the two speakers are capable of providing a full rich sound with a stereo chorus effect..  At just around 35lbs this is a nice gigging amp offering a great amount of power with a 1/4" mono/stereo line output and effects loop. (A great pedal platform). The JC-40 amp is the first in the long line of Jazz Chorus amps to offer two 1/4" inputs for a stereo input option so you can run your guitar rig full stereo, or use it as a keyboard amp. There's a lot of great features on this amp and it offers that coveted classic clean tone. More information on the JC Series of amps is available at Roland's website.

JAMS is an authorized dealer for Roland guitar amps. This amp is in new condition and comes with a full factory warranty. This item is available for pickup at our store location or order online and we'll ship it to you. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

Roland Specs:

  • Legendary Roland “JC clean” tone in a small, gig-ready combo amp
  • Stereo 40-watt amp with two 10-inch speakers
  • Stereo input enables players to get true stereo sound with modelers and stereo effects pedals
  • Signature Dimensional Space Chorus effect for expansive stereo sound
  • Built-in vibrato, distortion, and reverb effects, newly evolved for modern styles
  • Footswitch jacks for turning onboard effects on/off while performing
  • Stereo effects loop for connecting external effects

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