Dunlop Straplok Strap Retainers Dual Design Nickel


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For sale at Jackson Audio & Music Supply are the Dunlop Straplok Strap Retainers Dual Design in the Nickel finish. For me, this is a must have accessory from Dunlop. 

**Nostalgic ramblings ahead**

I was dumb when I was younger, I think most of us can relate to that. My first guitar was a 2000 Epiphone Les Paul Standard with a Black Transparent finish and a clear pickguard from Mars Music in St. Louis Mo, in case you were curious. Now I recognize that this guitar means very little to you, as it should, its not a great guitar. But it was a good first guitar and my favorite guitar when I was 18. So you can imagine the fear and panic that gripped me the first time strap slipped off and the guitar crashed to the ground, much like a bad Wile E Coyote fall. Immediately I went straight the nearest music store, which I hated, and bought a set of these fine Dunlop Straplok Strap Retainers. They worked great, expect I bought the Nickel finish and my guitar has Black hardware. Like I said, dumb. Anyway, they are still being used on that guitar today, some twenty years later and they still work very well. I've installed a set on all my guitars. I've never had to worry about the strap falling off the guitar and I can easily use one strap for all my guitars. Course I have a special strap for each guitar but I can mix in match when I'm feeling adventurous. I highly, highly recommend these on all your guitars. Be sure to install the screw correctly into the body as if that threads out then the straploks are useless. For proper installation make sure you consult your local guitar tech or watch some nice youtube videos. 

**Nostalgic rambling ended**

For sale is a Dunlop Dual Design Straplock system. If features a pair of special sized strap buttons, (which you will need to install into the body of the guitar), and straplok retainers which are installed on your strap. Requires some installation but nothing too major if you are confident in standard tech work. This set has the Nickel finish. Thanks for checking out my listing and thanks for choosing JAMS.

We are an authorized Dealer for Dunlop accessories. They a plethora of great guitar gear. Check out their website for a full overview of their fantastic products and then come by some at JAMS. Thank you. 

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